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Oh, don’t be afraid, you’ll be so relaxed after

October 13 | 7:12 | 567♥ | sallysaidan



October 12 | 4:48 | 6124♥ | spacciolibri

when your favorite band announces concert info but they don’t tell you ticket prices like


September 7 | 8:36 | 27♥ | gayhighfivesandbowties

when your friends bring up something you didn’t want other people to know about

when you’re home alone and there’s literally no food at the house


when I make reference and someone gets it


August 7 | 12:00 | 885♥ | noblepizza

when you’re having a good day but out of no where someone tells you something that pretty much knees you in the soul:


me walking into class


accidentally walking into the wrong class


August 5 | 12:00 | 113♥ | aaronkirilenko

My advice if you’re a perfectionist and you’re struggling with a project or essay— especially a group assignment:


walking by a class your friend is in 


August 4 | 12:00 | 90♥ | jaydadiaz

All my relatives after August 1st:

"So when does school start for you?"

"Are you ready for all your classes?!"

"Do you need new shoes? It’s bogo at Payless, I’ll take you!"

"Do you have everything already in your backpack!?"

"Have you gotten your schedule yet??"

avoiding schoolwork like:

November 11 | 10:05 | 510♥ | weheartsarfati

Hopelessly Devoted To You.

November 11 | 1:27 | 74♥ | missxsty